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Optimizing Cost, Maximizing Productivity
Choice. Convenience. Control. Unmatched processing backed by unrivalled service. Apart from these, MetalScope also focuses on the quality welded beams, by procuring steel from reputed OEMs. These are some of the reasons why customers nationwide are opting for MetalScope.
Extensive Specifications, Immense Flexibility
Welded Beam Specifications
Web height : 250-2000 mm (flanges included)
Web thickness : 8-50mm
Flange width : 200-1000 mm
Flange thickness : 8-63mm
Max. beam weight : 1,500 kg/meter
Beam length : Transportable length
Beam length : The difference in height between the two ends <900mm
Types of Beams
I/H beams : Wide flange beams
Non-symmetrical : L/Tapered beams cross/star
Custom-made, Ready-to-use Beams Application Areas
Special beam shapes are available in an extensive range of profiles, providing designers and construction engineers with maximum flexibility in selecting the optimum structural steel section of their specific application. - Power projects
- Bridges
- Construction
- Real estate


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