Roof vent & Day light

Day / Sky Light
Day Light is the Combination of all direct & indirect Sunlight outdoor during the daytime. For that Polycarbonate & FRP is widely used in the market due to its enormous merit like bright, clean appearance, light weight, high performance anticorrosive & high light transmittance etc.
Polycarbonate roof sheets are commonly called transparent steel due to their wonderful impact resistance and glass like clarity. These plastic corrugated roof sheets can also be engineered to suit various innovative applications in the future.
FRP Sheet
FRP sheets are used for all kinds of roofing solutions. It comes in different profiles and sizes Viz:- Ac profile, G.I. profile, Plain sheets, MSIPL profile etc. FRP roofing sheets are exclusively made with powder bond mat and resin. The resin comes with ultra violet resistance
Natural Ventilation System
Crucial Ventilation System is an important aspect for the workers in the production unit for fresh breathing of air. It is proved that sufficient ventilation improves the production rate as well as the worker longevity. Heat generated from the factories and manufacturing units are considerably high and would be vent out using modern methodology.
Roof Ventilator
MSIPL supplies Roof Ventilators of light weight, strong corrosion resistant, high air venting efficient high revolving sensitivity. It is varying pitch hence can be adjusted according to the slope of the building. It starts to revolve at the wind speed of 5km/hr. Available sizes – 500mm/600 roof ventilator made of 3005# aluminium alloys as base material, on the surface with coating of 20µm thickness fluorine carbon polyester; with Japanese NSK sealed bearing, fireproofing reinforced nylon support or metal support, rivet to connect. Stainless steel ventilators are also available on request.
Ridge Vent
Made up of Durable 26 gauge standard Pre-painted or galvalume exterior ,Internal components of 24 gauge steel, reinforced bracing and additional fasteners with the size of 10 ft. sections of 9" throat and 12" throat Other sizes available upon request with fully protected by 4 x 4 mesh galvanized hardware cloth, Easy-moving.
Principle of Rain Resistance and leak Proofing
Available Size Ø500 & 600
Base Material SS304 / Aluminum Alloy


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