Quality is Our Commitment
Metal Scope's commitment to ensure quality is taken care by a cognizant workforce guided by the Head Quality Control, duly supported by NDT Level II Engineers. Non Destructive Test like magnetic particle, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic & Radiography are used wherever applicable to ensure the delivery of virtually fault-free finished product. Our Quality Management Systems is in Compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.
The manufacturing process is streamlined to ensure that at the end of the production cycle each building/bridges is ready for shipment as per the project schedule.
Non Destructive Test – Dye Penerant Test
DPT is used to locate cracks, porosity and other defects that break the surface of a material and weaken the structure
Non Destructive Test – Magnetic Particle Test
MPT is used to inspect ferromagnetic materials (those that can be magnetized) for defects that result in a transition in the magnetic permeability of a material.
Non Destructive Test – Radiographic Test
Radiographic Test is used to inspect almost any material for surface and subsurface defects. X-rays can also be used to locate and measure internal defects, confirm the location of hidden parts in an assembly and to measure thickness of materials
The Quality of the end product is assured by the above tests.
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