About Green Building

MetalScope being an active member of CII-Indian Green Building Council's (IGBC) ,understood that the Green Building Concept is gaining major importance in India, considering the tremendous benefits that it offers. The demand for pre-engineered buildings is increasing with increased emphasis on green building construction. The PEB structures are created with a high proportion of recycled content, making them lighter by about 30 per cent than the conventional steel buildings. A green building is one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

Optimum Usage of Steel:

Metal Scope Engineering and Design Systems ensure optimum usage of steel in buildings

Natural Ventilation:

Wind Driven Roof Vent and Ridge Vents ensure natural ventilation

Higher Thermal Efficiency:

Solar reflectivity of MSIPL galvalume steel offers higher thermal efficiency Insulated roof and wall systems can significantly reduce HVAC costs Low Electrical Illumination

Rainwater Harvesting:

Gutter and Downspout system can be used for rainwater harvesting Free Inflow of Air.

Inflow of Air:

Specially designed water and sand resistant industrial louver system ensure free inflow of air.


Metal scope Pre-Engineered Buildings can be relocated, making them adaptable to different end uses and extending their usable life.

100% Recyclable:

Metal Scope Pre-Engineered Building System is made of Steel – a 100% recyclable material.

Day Light:

During day time translucent sheets provide natural light which reduces electricity costs.

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